Increase your profits.

Do you own a business?

I can help you increase your bottom line directly by keeping your financials accurate and reconciled

Advantages of accurate financials:

- Never miss a tax-deductible expense from a monthly reconciliation

- Reduce the risk of penalties and interest being charged if an audit discovers inaccurate financials.

- Improve efficiency - Review expenses with company owner/leader and cut what isn't needed make recommended changes for additional savings

Be more efficient.

Do your own bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll?

How much time does it take you? Every week? Every month?

That is time you could be spending on growing and maintaining your company.

Shoff Accounting can handle your bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes so you can get back to work.

Stay informed.

How much income did you make last month?

How much money did you spend?

Were your expenses on track with your budget?

Will you have the cash to cover your tax liability at the end of the year?

Monthly reports from Shoff Accounting are customized to give each client the data they need to be prepared for future expense, income, and savings objectives.

I can personally train you on all reports you will receive, so you know exactly what you're looking at.

Once you know where you are, you can properly plan for where you want to be.


Want to retire one day?

Want to save money on taxes?

Want to achieve longevity for your company?

Forming a strategy for sustainable growth today helps you succeed in the long run. 

Form a strategy.

Every client I work with gets personalized service directly from me.

I work with them one on one to make sure the financial side of their business is running as efficiently as possible.

When my clients have questions or need help solving a problem I am there for them.

I respond to emails quickly, and I'm always glad to speak with them on the phone.

Unlike a lot of the companies out there Shoff Accounting is one you can talk to and get a familiar voice on the phone.

Personalized Service

Learn what it is like to work with Shoff Accounting: