How it Works: Payroll Services


Step 1: Schedule a discovery call.

  • On the call, I’ll ask some questions, and you can ask as well.

  • We’ll also talk price and our next steps if you decide to move forward and become a client.

Step 2: Onboarding Documents/Tax Information


  • If you decide to become a client, I will send you some onboarding documents to review and fill out online.

  • We'll also discuss the next steps to start on getting your payroll up and running

phone call.png


Step 3: Payroll Setup

  • Once I start setting up payroll for your company, I will have some questions for you that can be answered or discussed over email. We can also schedule a phone call if needed

  • We will then be on track to get your first payroll run completed asap.

Step 4: Payroll Routine

  • This step can vary depending on your situation. Here is a good example of a payroll routine I share with many of my clients:

  1. Payroll Data Emailed: You or your employee sends an email that contains payroll data for a specific time period. >> (For example: Friday afternoon, a time sheet is sent for the hours each employee worked that week.)

  2. Payroll is run based on the data received.

  3. Your employees are paid via a direct deposit, or a check.

  • Sometimes questions or items will arise that need to be discussed. This can be done over email or you can schedule a phone call anytime.

  • I periodically check in with my clients over email or over the phone to make sure my services are meeting their expectations, and to get an update on any changes being made to their business.


Take the First Step: