How it Works: Bookkeeping/Outsource CFO Services


Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call

Get questions Answered and Get a Quote

  • On the call I’ll ask some questions, and you can ask as well. 

  • We’ll also talk price and our next steps if you decide to move forward and become a client.

Step 2: Kickoff Call

Review and Sign Onboarding Documents

  • If you decide to move forward and become a client we'll schedule a kick off call

  • On the call, we’ll discuss onboarding documents and the next steps to start on setting up and improving the flow of your accounting system.

phone call.png


Step 3: Accounting System Setup/Streamlining

We'll Get Your Accounting System on the Path to Peak Efficiency

  • Once we start setting up and/or streamlining your current accounting system I will have some questions for you that can be answered or discussed over email.

  • We’ll email back and forth to with the goal of having you receive your first financial report ASAP.

Step 4: First Financial Report

We'll Send Your First Financial Report and Review it With You

  • After receiving your first financial report, we’ll schedule a call to review it. I will answer questions, and we’ll talk about ways to improve the report to make sure you're seeing the data you need to make the best decisions for your company.

  • On the call we'll also discuss your budget goals and budget information you would like to see in your reports every month. 



Step 5: The Monthly Routine

The monthly routine varies from client to client; however, most of them for bookkeeping/outsource CFO services look something like this:

  1. First few days of a month: I’ll send an email asking questions about transactions your business made (during the previous month) that need more information. I will also let you know if there were transactions that did not reconcile.

  2. After your response, I will make the needed changes to your books.

  3. After your books have been fully caught up through the end of the previous month, you will receive a customized financial report.

  4. I encourage my clients to hop on a call with me once a month or once a quarter to discuss their reports and their business strategy. This helps answer any questions that arise and makes sure my clients have a clear vision of the financial future of their company.

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