Map Your Business Strategy

Photo by Jean-Frederic Fortie

Photo by Jean-Frederic Fortie

Navigating Lenox Square Mall recently, my wife and I had to look at a map due to the massive size of the place. We found the stores we wanted to visit, but we also had to find the stores that were currently nearby to get bearings on our current location. Once we found our current location we could then form a plan for where we wanted to go. This concept applies to many things in life, however, it does not apply to maintaining the status quo.

Business goals are like a destination on a map. Every business owner knows where they want their business to be. They all have numbers they want to hit at a certain time or some similar metric in mind. To achieve that goal they need to know where their business currently stands financially. That is where I help out the most for many of my clients. I provide financial reports once a month, or more often if needed, customized to fit their individual needs. In reading their reports they can get a grasp of what their business’ current location looks like. In turn, they can make the best decisions in how to get their business to where they want it to be.

If you own a business, where do you want it to be financially this time next year?

Where is it right now?

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