Two Seconds Saves Money

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As an accountant, I recommend everyone to check their bank account balances first thing every day before you start work.

You may be saying: >>This is stupid. I know how much money I have.<<

but...if it's been more than 24 hours since you last took a gander at those important cash balances do you really know?

In this age of autodrafts and cybersecurity issues, it is likely there may be expenses you have not accounted for...especially if someone has stolen your card and is on a shopping spree right now.

When it comes to your money, knowing is always better than guessing.


- brings you peace of mind
- helps you make better financial decisions
- can prevent overdrafts (which is the most expensive loans you will ever get)

If you own a business you may need more complex financial data to make important business decisions such as profitability or accounts receivable reports.

You may want to use someone like me to help you get more organized in that department of your business.

If you could use some help getting your finances organized feel free to reach out.

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